Infidelity Recovery 7 Step Program

The 7-step model puts a spotlight on the affair first, while conditioning better communication and conflict resolution strategies, and creating an environment of intimacy and friendship. By the end of the program each person will know more about themselves, and their partner. The couple will not be volatile, or an emotional mess. The information in this program will provide each person the answers they need in order to make the best decision for their future.

  • Time frame 10 – 15 weeks (3-4months)
  • Weekly meetings 1-2 hours

Meetings Can Be:

  • In person
  • Thera- link ( online HIPPA Compliant)
  • Phone
  • No contact with affair partner during time of coaching
  • Cannot initiate divorce proceedings during coaching period
  • Coaching does Not point blame or guilt for a couple to stay in relationship or marriage

Infidelity Recovery Model Goals:

  • Determine the Affair Type specific to their relationship trauma
  • Understand why the affair occurred
  • Stop triggers and obsessive thoughts
  • Understanding each other’s most important emotional needs and have a plan to meet each other’s emotional needs
  • Have a safe and transparent relationship
  • Begin a fresh sex life in an environment of intimacy
  • Continue with the rituals and routines to ensure both people feel loved
  • Fully understand what happened in the affair.
  • Prevent future infidelity by understanding how couples stay monogamous

Additional Support Available

  • Email support
  • Phone consults

Please inquire if you would like more support during this journey

Please inquire if you would like more support during this journey Undecided if this is the route you would like to take?

Give me a call for a 15 min consult this can be either by phone or skype

If you would rather come in for an exploration session to see if this is the right coaching program to get you back reconnected and to build intimacy come in for a .

Exploration sessions $75 (60 min)


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Still Need to Heal?
For those who are out of the relationship but the trauma still exists, I offer recovery for one to assist you in your healing journey. We will learn from the past to move forward in the present. Let’s work together to get you want you need to get rid of the pain and love again. You deserve it.. call now



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