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7 Weird Things That Happen To Your Body If You Cheat

If you’ve cheated on your partner, you’re likely dealing with a number of after-effects from the incident. Whether you came clean or are holding in the secret, you might notice some weird things happening to your body from cheating. Stepping outside of your relationship usually leads to a lot of stress, and this can wreak […]

What’s next when you’re the one who cheated on your partner

Whether it’s the workplace or the Internet, there’s no shortage of temptation for folks in monogamous relationships. And infidelity appears to be on the rise: According to one estimate, the number of people who are unfaithful to a partner has increased 40% since 1990. Though the wronged partner typically has plenty of support in the aftermath […]

Healthy Sexuality and How You Can Achieve It

“Healthy lifestyle” – You hear this often in the media, but what about a having a healthy sexual self? Let’s discuss what is Healthy Sexuality and how do you achieve it? Healthy Sexuality may have different meanings to all. The core concepts stay the same. Healthy sexuality begins by you being fully present with your […]

Low Sexual Desire Can Also Effect You!

We need to start the conversation on low sexual desire or libido. Libido can be discussed as energy or urges that promotes the desire that leads us to more sexual contact. Low libido/ sexual desire happens to many individuals throughout their adult life time. Low desire doesn’t mean that you fell out of love or […]