Each affair type is very different.  Only a person that cheated can understand their personal motives.

Before you begin answering, you may want to know an affair can begin as one affair type, but evolve into another affair type.  For example, a "one night stand" can become a "romantic affair" over time.

If you started the affair as one affair type, and now it is another affair type, just take note of the two affair types.

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Is this your (or your partner’s) first affair?
Do you (does your partner) feel guilty about the affair?
Do you (does your partner) feel shame about the affair?
Did the affair happen only once?
Do you believe in monogamy?
Do you want your marriage to continue?
Was there emotional involvement with the affair partner?
Have both of you had affairs in the last year or so?
Did the affair(s) last less than 4 months?
Do you get into a lot of fights with each other?
Do you find that every disagreement turns into a battle?
Are your fights the most emotionally intense moments in your relationship?
Do both of you want your marriage to continue?
Are you (is your partner) having a hard time ending the affair?
Are you addicted to alcohol, drugs, food or any other substance?
Do you your spouse engage in other compulsive sexual behavior, such as porno, or cybersex?
Do you your spouse engage in numerous one-night stands or brief affairs?
Have you (or your spouse) had affairs throughout your relationship?
Was either of your parents sexually addicted?
Were you sexually abused as a child?
Has your affair (or your spouse’s affair) lasted more than 2 years?
Do you and your spouse live separate lives?
Have you (or your spouse) had fewer than 5 affairs?
If the affair has ended, are you (or is your spouse) tempted to resume it?
Do you believe that marriage and family are important?
Has much of your marriage been devoted to parenting?
Are you troubled by your inability to choose between your spouse and your affair partner?
If you answered yes to #27, do you find yourself changing your mind about which one to choose?
Do you typically put a lot of energy into making things work the way you think they should?
Is your affair partner ten or more years younger than you are?
Do you (does your spouse) want to end your marriage to be with the affair partner?
Have you (or your spouse) already cut your emotional ties to the marriage?
Have you (or your spouse) decided to end your marriage?
If yes to #33, do you believe that you can move ahead with your plans to separate?
Was the duration of your affair (or your spouse’s) from 10 months to less than 2 years?
Is your(or your partner's) affair partner fifteen or more years younger than you are?
Are endings hard for you?
Do you have ambivalent feelings that make it difficult for you to act on your decision to end your marriage?
Are you focused on achievement and success?
Do you compartmentalize the different aspects of your life?
Do you take risks, believing that somehow it will all work out – it always has in the past?
Were you brought up to be the “star child” or to fulfill a parent’s unfulfilled dreams?
Do you sometimes lie to avoid unpleasant outcomes?
Are you consciously aware of your emotions?
When you want something, do you expect to get it?
Do you actively participate with your spouse and your children?
Have you always had affairs or cheating on your partner?
Did the affair(s) last less than 4 months?
Have you lost count of the number of affairs you have had?
Do you believe monogamy is a myth?
Are you highly competitive?
Have you “seduced” ex-partners?
Would you like to stay married?
Do you believe Men & Woman’s role are equal?
Do you want to stop having affairs?