About Me

Renelle Nelson

The emotional storm unleashed by the discovery of an affair is disrespectful. You spiral through shock, shame, anger and even blame. Everything in your life you begin to question. You shut down to survive, the pain and is so strong you decide you need some assistance.

I know this all too well, because infidelity plagued my relationship. Like you I was confused, devastated, embarrassed and lost. I needed somewhere and someone turn to.

That’s why I created Affair Aftercare to assist those like myself who need the tools, education, and support to deal with an affair discovery. I wanted to provide the knowledge needed to calm the storm, so you can address important topics like can we reconnect or is the relationship over?

Hello. My name is Renelle and I’m a certified Infidelity Recovery Therapist.

I’m passionate about helping couples get through the long-term impact of affairs, which includes potential divorce and its overall impact on a societal level.

As a trained Infidelity Recovery Specialist, my role is to guide couples through this painful time. Through coaching, directing and education, I lead couples through uncertainly and fear to hope and strength.

Through my experience in helping couples and individuals recover from infidelity, I have first hand knowledge on how an affair impacts individuals mentally and emotionally. I have also seen breakdowns beyond the immediate impact. This includes tears in the foundations of the home, money,children, work and friendships.

With marital breakdowns and divorce in the United States being at an all time high, the number one reason for divorce is infidelity. It is my job to help individuals not be another statistic and work through the pain of infidelity, understand their affair type and learn the practical tools to find each other again.

If you are suffering from the fall out of an affair, please get in touch with me for a confidential discussion.